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When I began researching information for Do It The Hard Way I realized that great tasting recipes made with nutritious ingredients and proper portions would have to be the basis of the plan. No one wants to eat healthy if it doesn’t taste good! I also knew that each recipe needed to contain the most complete nutritional data that I could provide. I began looking for a software program that could take an original recipe, calculate the data, and present it in an easy to understand way.

After looking at many programs, I decided on DietPower 4.4. It can, among many other things, calculate the nutritional information of user-added recipes. The green box at the bottom of each of the recipes on this site was created using DietPower. It calculates the ingredients and portions and produces a nice looking result.

I was disappointed to find that it does not track the sugar content of many foods in their database. In fact, it lists the sugar grams of sugar as “?”. This was disturbing to me considering how important it is to watch our intake of sugar, especially if you are watching your weight or have any diabetes concerns. I emailed DietPower and asked them why they did not include sugar, and they told me that the next upgrade that is coming out next year will include sugar information for each food. In the meantime, I spent hundreds of hours inputting the correct nutritional information from the most current USDA food database (which does include sugar). I then created each recipes’ nutritional data using the most up-to-date and complete information I could gather.

DietPower also offers the ability to track all of the food you eat every day and input the exercise that you do each day (it even has a specific P90X tab!). Keeping a food diary is a great way to keep an eye on your food intake and this program makes it practically a no brainer, since it does all the calculating for you.

Please, don’t take just my word for it.Click the link below, download the free trial and try out the software for yourself.

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Do It The Hard Way is about learning for yourself and finding what works best for you and your family’s health!

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