Cookbooks for Sale!

I know….I’ve been gone for a while and I really apologize. Eric and I had a very eventful summer 🙂 It began with planning a 2 week trip back to our hometowns in New England, then the awesome trip itself, and then a week after we returned I was in a car accident while on the Rhett tour :(. I’ve been going to physical therapy and I’m getting better. However, I haven’t felt much like cooking for a while.

Art In The Park

A couple of weeks ago we participated in a local event called “Art In The Park”. The little town next to ours, Kingston Springs, has this event every fall and it attracts all kinds of vendors; from art (of course) to homemade foods, books, jewelry, wood carvings, and more. I have to say it was really Eric who spearheaded this event, did the planning and all of the set up. I just showed up for a while and sat in a chair selling our goods (I have experience with that sort of thing!). We sold paintings, Eric’s book (The Nashville Musician’s Survival Guide), bags of homemade granola (we even gave away free samples of the granola), and my cookbook.

I’ll be you didn’t know I had a cookbook for sale…we’ll it’s not the official, finished version of the book I’ve been working on. It’s a “prototype” 😉 I decided that this event would be a great test to see if it could sell. Well, I’m happy to say that it did! I only printed a small run and I have 8 copies left.If anyone is interested you can click on “Add to Carat” link below and get your very own copy. They are $15.00 each and shipping is FREE!! Anyone that purchased this “prototype” will receive the full version of the cookbook (when it’s published) for free.

I have been working on several new recipes and I will be adding them here in the coming days. I’ve created a delicious Chicken Pot Pie and some yummy and fun Cod Fish Cakes….stay tuned 😀 It’s good to be back!

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